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They only depend on the jobs with meager salaries which also need practical skills in this modern age. From 1947 till now, we have always admired education and we believe that Education has the potential to change the fortune of our beloved country. Pakistan has several threatening problems and the most serious one is Education. The problem is that people in traditional forms of education usually approach it from the standpoint of just preparing a person for a job. But one’s job isn’t the definition of one’s life—it’s only that which enables you to have enough money to meet your needs. The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum is campaigning for the Indus River to be granted personhood, and associated rights.

Another important source is the OECD – this is arguably the most comprehensive database in terms of variables and regularity of observations. This is the source used for the OECD’s periodic report Education at a Glance. You can read more about development assistance for healthcare in our entry on Financing Healthcare.

The ability to determine a coherent approach to degree mills at the national and international level starts with shared language. If we cannot agree on what a diploma mill is, we cannot consistently agree to take action – or demand governmental action – when we see one. The university offers online degrees almost exclusively to U.S. citizens but is conveniently located in a foreign country, quite often a tiny nation that lacks any system of academic accreditation. Title IV , section V articles 174 and 175 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines criminalize the falsification of medical certificates, certificates of merit or service and the like.

It seems to be self evident that instructors need to be trained to use distance learning technology, but too often they are not. Once again, it appears that administration may feel that the technology itself will improve the course. Advancement in technology does not lead to effective distance education. The best distance education practices depend on creative, well-informed instructors .


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